Newcomers September 2020

6 Eki 2020 News From Us

Mrs. Tuğba Çepken, newly appointed as the head nurse of our Beylikdüzü Koç Dialysis Center,

She graduated from Sivas Cumhuriyet University Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Nursing in 2004.

Tuğba Çepken has been in various positions in hemodialysis centers for 15 years and has been actively working as a head nurse for 11 years.

In addition, Mrs. Çepken, who works part-time as an assistant at the Associate Degree program of Istanbul Private Medipol University Dialysis Technician, is also a trainer of Basic Life Support and Advanced Cardiac Life Support Programs at the Istanbul Branch of the American Heart Foundation (AHA).

We welcome her as the Koç Dialysis Family and wish her success and convenience in his duty as the head nurse of our Beylikdüzü Koç Dialysis Center.


Dr. Hakan Yavuz
Koç Dialysis Centers Co-President

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