Our Mission

Prioritizing the rights of patients, employees and all business partners; reliable, constantly improving and renewing itself; contemporary and modern, making a difference in its services; providing friendly service with its qualified and qualified employees; has been patient-focused and applied dialysis treatment in six centers for a quarter of a century, with more than 150 employees and more than 1500 patients; specialist, institution.

Our Vision

To be a reference organization that provides dialysis services to its patients at international standards with its team, infrastructure and modern treatment methods in our country.

Our Quality Values

  • In terms of patients; To be reliable, respectful of privacy, timely service, fair, ethical and friendly.
  • In terms of its employees; To be fair, ensuring continuous improvement and involvement in the process.
  • In terms of business partners; To be trustworthy and ethical.
  • In terms of the treatment services it offers; To treat all patients in international standards, to individualize this treatment when necessary, to continuously develop and improve it.