How Should Kidney Patients Be Protected From Coronavirus?

Kidney involvement has been found to be frequent during the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) infection, which has turned into a pandemic by affecting the whole world. Chronic kidney patients, dialysis patients and kidney transplant patients are also in the risk group, whose immune system is suppressed, and the defense mechanism against this infection may be lower.

In this article, we will talk about the measures that kidney patients and people who have undergone kidney transplantation should take to protect them from this infection.

Face-to-Face Contact With Hands Should Be Avoid

It is extremely important that the hands are washed frequently for at least 20 seconds and not touch the specified areas unless they are washed, since the viruses are transmitted by inhaling droplets or touching the mouth, nose and eye mucosa by touching a surface that carries the droplet.

Avoid Crowded Environments

Especially in closed areas and public transportation where the number of people is high. It is extremely important to stay away from environments. If it is necessary to enter these environments, then all precautions such as using masks and disinfecting the hands should be taken carefully.

Those who use Immunosuppressant Drugs Should Not Go to Health Care Facilities unless they have to

Since the number of infected patients will be high in healthcare institutions, people using immunosuppressive drugs will be more at risk in this environment. Therefore, it is an important precaution that these people do not go to the Health Institution if there is no indispensable situation.

If You Have Symptoms Of Disease, Information Should Be Given Before Going To Dialysis Center

It is extremely important for people who show signs of contracting COVID-19 infection to provide information before going to the dialysis center and to follow the directions of the center to the letter, to protect themselves and other patients.

Mask should be used

Kidney diseases should definitely wear a mask in other trout environments, in the dialysis center and during the procedure. Things to be careful about using masks; After putting on and removing the mask, the hands are washed with soap for 30 seconds and the masks are thrown into the closed garbage bins after removal.

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