About Us

Our patients who apply to our SSK-contracted Dialysis Centers are picked up from their addresses with our private service vehicles, and after their treatment is completed, they are comfortably delivered to their addresses by our staff and service vehicles.

Koç Diyaliz provides services in 9 centers in Istanbul, Ankara and Adana with the principle of ensuring the health of our patients.

Our dialysis patients receive hemodialysis service comfortably and safely in buildings which have the standards that a developed and modern health facility can have.

Our expert staff, who cares about the health and satisfaction of our patients at the highest level, are aware of their responsibilities and follow the developments in the field of patient health and hemodialysis by attending continuous and regular up-to-date trainings, congresses and seminars.


Patient Satisfaction

During the hemodialysis process, we provide our patients with LCD TV satellite broadcasting and unlimited internet service in order that they have a pleasant time during their treatment.

Patient Transport Vehicles

We pick up our patients who are undergoing hemodialysis treatment from their addresses with our patient transport vehicle before the treatment and deliver them to their addresses after the treatment.

Patient Comfort

In our private dialysis centers, we provide our patients with a comfortable and safe environment with our buildings that meet international standards.

Special Services

We both respond to all the needs of our patients during the treatment process and we offer special ventilation and water systems.